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Heed help finding a place to volunteer?

Heed help finding a place to volunteer?

Check out this website!

Need Student Help?

Need Student Help?

If you have a service learning opportunity for one or more of our students, please let us know! Email Sona Desmangles @

Please include the following information:

  • Location Name and Address
  • Organization Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Contact Information (email and phone number)
  • Times and Dates students can work
  • Work to be done by students

Service Learning



  1. Service Learning questions can be referred to Ms Sona Desmangles x2061 ( or Assistant Principal Noe Guerra x2075 (
  2. You do NOT have to wait for the dealine to turn in your forms.
  3. If you do not complete service learning hours for previous years, you may be ineligible to play a sport and/or obtain a work permit.



  1. How many Service Learning hours are required?
    Class of 2022: 16 hours; Class of 2023: 16 hours; Class of 2024: 24 hours; Class of 2025: 32 hours
  2. Can a student work for the same organization all four years?
  3. Can students work for multiple organizations during the same year ?
  4. When can service learning hours be completed?
    Anytime during the calendar year. Service Learning hours cannot be completed during school hours.
  5. Where can the Service Learning hours be completed?
    Service Learning hours must be completed for a non-profit company or charity group, a school, city or state agency, or a licensed nursing home or daycare.  If a student is not sure an organization qualifies, please seek approval before completing the hours.  Helping a neighbor with babysitting does not qualify for service learning.
  6. Where do students turn in their completed form?
    Service Learning paperwork should be turned in to the drop box in the Assistant Principals' office as soon as the hours and form has been completed.
  7. Must the Service Learning hours be completed?
    YES!!  Service Learning is a graduation requirement; if students do not complete service learning they will be denied a diploma, work permits will be denied or revoked, and student athletes will not be permitted to play in league contests.
  8. Can a student be paid for the hours completed?
    No.  Service Learning hours must be 100% voluntary.  No compensation of any kind is allowed.
  9. Can students miss school to complete the required Service Learning hours?
    No, unless the event is sponsored by RCHS or WUSD.
  10. Can students complete multiple years' requirements in one year?
    Yes! You can even work MORE hours than is required in order to qualify for speical recognition and honors.
  11. Is there a penalty for Seniors who do not complete the required number of hours?
    Yes.  Seniors that have not completed Service Learning hours by the deadlines may have to appeal to have the deadline extended.  See Ms. Rodgers for the appeal process if you fall under this category.  In addition, Seniors will not receive a diploma and may be unable to participate in the graduation ceremony, as well as other Senior-specific events.
  12. Is their a penalty that affects other grade levels who do not complete the required number of hours?
    Yes.  All students can be denied a work permit or can have it revoked.  In addition, student athletes will be unable to play in league contests until the hours are brought current.  This means that if a Sophomore is playing football and hasn't any hours, that student cannot play in league football games until at least 8 hours of Service Learning have been completed.
  13. Who does my student contact if he or she has questions about the Service Learning requirement?
    Please contact Sona Desmangles at 916-375-7800 x 2061 or Assistant Principal Noe Guerra at x2075.