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Foster Youth Incorporated

Get ready, 'cause here we come!

We are excited to reconnect with everyone, and to meet all of our new "FYI" students. Please share this and reach out to River City High School students--if you are in foster care, were ever in foster care, or may qualify as a homeless student/unaccompanied youth, we want to hear from you and get you in touch with the awesome resources available at RCHS! 

For more information, contact Christine Myers 916-375-7600 x 1382 or by email.

Foster Youth Incorporated (F.Y.I.) is a student group on campus for any students who are in the foster care system or who have been in it at any point during their teenage years, even if they are no longer in the system. In addition to foster youth, we also provide assistance for homeless students and student who qualify as unaccompanied youth.  Our goal is to provide extra support for students who find themselves in sometimes difficult circumstances, including:

  • School supplies
  • Teacher support by assigning each student a mentor on campus
  • Monthly/bi-monthly luncheons (with free lunch!) with guest speakers, activities, and a chance to hang out with other F.Y.I. students in a safe and supportive environment
  • Field trips and awards for students who meet attendance and academic criteria
  • Resources and information about general career, college, and financial aid information, and special resources specifically for students in the foster care system.

If you are a student who is in or has been in the foster care system since age 13 (or if you know anyone who matches this description) please consider joining us! Above all else, we support each other, provide resources, eat pizza, and have fun hanging out together.

Please see or contact Christine Myers at 375-7600 Ext. 1382 for further information.




Getting ready for education after high school, and not sure what to do next? Make sure to visit your "FYI" teacher/counselors/staff to learn more about opportunities with Guardian Scholars Programs that may be available at your college!


Click here for more information about services available to foster youth and foster families in Yolo County.

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