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***Summer signups are now through June 30th*** ... ***Welcome --- Ice_Cream10 --- to our CSGO Mutts!*** ps, if you want a name change for your squad, suggest a few names on our Discord or at our next meeting IRL. ***Welcome --- Cabbage_Bro --- to our R6 PC team!*** ... Congrats again to RCHS Graduating Seniors Ravi P. Vlad D. David S. Adam P. Juan S. AND to underclassmen Trevor H. & Erik T. for making it to HSEL Spring Majors Finals , finishing the regular season with a 6 - 1 - 1 record!!! ***Summer OPEN Season is July 8 - August 30***

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Rainbow 6

Rainbow 6: Siege, has been played competitively in the High School Esports League on PC, Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One (Xbox1).  Our Raiders competed with 1 PC team, 1 PS4 team & 2 Xbox1 teams in Fall of the 2018-2019 academic year, while a new PS4 team and new Xbox1 team competed in Spring.  Our Spring 2019 PS4 team competed in the HSEL Spring Majors Final.  If you'd like to signup for one of the teams below, just click on the team and fill out the form.  Current open positions in ALL YEAR teams are as follows (HSEL Summer Open presently is expected to have PS4 & PC teams compete, while all 3, the Xbox1, PS4, and PC, are expected to be competing in the Fall Majors):
Due to scheduling conflicts, graduation of our seniors, and resignations, most players from this year are not eligible, unable or unwilling to play this season.


OVERWATCH had two teams during the Fall season, and one team this Spring.  During the HSEL Summer Open OW will be available for competition on ALL SYSTEMS.  In Fall and Spring it was played only on PC.  Teams are available for ALL systems, however, the OVERWATCH on PC is typically the only version available during Majors for all current known scholarships.


RCHS is fortunate to have a strong set of League of Legends players.  Due to scheduling conflicts, our team was unable to compete in half of our games.  IF YOU PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS... AT ALL ... seriously consider joining our team.  LoL is played exclusively on PC in competition.  LoL has the strongest set of scholarships and some of the highest payouts in professional competition.


Counter Strike is one of the oldest squad based competitive video games and exceptionally resilient.  It still boasts some of the largest scholarship opportunities, and some of the highest prize money in professional competition.  CSGO is played in squads of five exclusively on PC for competition.


Fortnite is played as duos in squad queue, or as solos in duo queue.  RCHS exclusive solos tournaments for team members are held twice per year for seeding purposes.


Call of Duty RCHS teams are presently only scheduled to play against collegiate teams in 'friendly' scrims.  No HS Leagues, including HSEL, offer COD as a consistent game in competition, though it is by far, one of the most popular franchises.  Professional competitions offer high prize dollars as well.  COD team members who compete in no HSEL games or other pay-league games, will not have to pay any League fees.  As soon as teams are formed and named, scheduled scrims will be arranged to fit the teams' schedules.  COD players will be asked to rank, in order of preference, which iteration within the COD franchise they'd like to compete in most.  Teams are presently being shown for COD: Black Ops 2, 3 & 4.  Teams will decide exactly which game to play within their groups and this could vary widely.
  • COD Black Ops PC1
  • COD Black Ops PS4
  • COD Black Ops XB1


PUBG is on most lists as the likeliest game to become the epitome of the earliest Royale type games.  Most players agree that Fortnite is easier to play, but that franchise is quickly waning, along with the heir apparent APEX.  PUBG's numbers are at least maintaining, if not growing, steadily. Professional competitions are garnering high purses, and many in the community believe that it has the 'legs' to last.
  • PUBG PS4
  • PUBG XB1


Played 3 v 3, and styled as a soccer match played in souped-up vehicles, this game has become incredibly popular in the pro-gaming community.