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The focus for competitive FPS players is on strategy, planning, tactics, communication, mastering muscle memory, & team play.  There is no focus on violence for the sake of violence, nor is there a desensitization to violence.  I play these games, and my greatest satisfaction comes when we win as a team, when I outmaneuver and out-think my opponents, and when we all execute strategies as planned and practiced!

Squads's Cat9... it's 4g,..'s 5G!'s Cat9... it's 4g,..'s 5G!

***Sign-up now!!!*** Join as many squads as you'd like. Practice starts the first week of school.


Rainbow 6

Rainbow 6: Siege, has been played competitively in the High School Esports League on PC, Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), and Xbox One (Xbox1).  Our Raiders competed with 1 PC team, 1 PS4 team & 2 Xbox1 teams in Fall of the 2018-2019 academic year, while a new PS4 team and new Xbox1 team competed in Spring.  Our Spring 2019 PS4 team competed in the HSEL Spring Majors Final.  Click on the link below and fill out the form to join a PC, XB1, or PS4 Team


RCHS is fortunate to have a strong set of League of Legends players.  Due to scheduling conflicts, our team was unable to compete in half of our games.  IF YOU PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS... AT ALL ... seriously consider joining our team.  LoL is played exclusively on PC in competition.  LoL has the strongest set of scholarships and some of the highest payouts in professional competition.


Played 3 v 3, and styled as a soccer match played in souped-up vehicles, this game has become incredibly popular in the pro-gaming community.


Counter Strike is one of the oldest squad based competitive video games and exceptionally resilient.  It still boasts some of the largest scholarship opportunities, and some of the highest prize money in professional competition.  CSGO is played in squads of five (5) exclusively on PC for competition.


OVERWATCH is sometimes played in multiple Leagues, but is consistently played ONLY ON PC in High School Competition. We expect to play in FIVE seasons of play this year. OW teams require a minimum of six (6) players.


Call of Duty (COD) is played in competitions as 2 v 2, in COD MW GF.  Game can be 4v4 in squad competitions.  Royale mode, when offered, would be 1 v 150, 2 v 74, 3 v 49, 4 v 25, or best finish, respectively.


PUBG is on most lists as the likeliest game to become the epitome of the earliest Royale type games.  Most players agree that Fortnite is easier to play, but that franchise is quickly waning, along with the heir apparent APEX.  PUBG's numbers are at least maintaining, if not growing, steadily. Professional competitions are garnering high purses, and many in the community believe that it has the 'legs' to last.
  • There are presently no HS Leagues supporting PUBG