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Solo & Sport Games

Solos and Duos, in brief

Solos and Duos, in brief


Nintendo's Super Smash series has become a mainstay in Esports.  For this and future seasons the most recent iteration of the game, SSB Ultimate, will be featured competitively in HSEL.  RCHS Alum and founding member, DTM made it to the finals in both of the HSEL Majors last year!  DTM also organized and managed the first three RCHS Super Smash Tourneys! Click on the appropriate links below for more info.

Sports Titles

NBA2k, FIFA & MADDEN, are the dominant titles here, with a majority of the competition being 1v1.  Some sports titles, like NBA2k, are able to be played in squad v squad, however, this is ALL new stuff.  So, for now, HS competition is 1v1.  We expect this may expand in the future, and I'd while I'm looking for solo players, I will endeavor to build scrim squads to play against amateurs and pros whenever possible.  Time will tell if we can find a way to connect with our local NBA2k franchise club, about 10 miles away over the river - Kings Guard.  


Dragon Ball Fighter Z is not in competition at the moment, but was in 2017-2019.


To be updated by first week Sep, 2020.

Other Fighters

There are a plethora of other fighting games out there and the Street Fighter series probably has the best chance of being an addition to or replacement of DBFZ.  For now, SSB Ultimate seems to have the strongest hold on this gaming segment that I've seen in a while.  Many students have expressed interest in Mortal Kombat - a game many say is leaps and bounds ahead of all other fighters.  This specific title will likely never be authorized for HS competitive play in almost any league.  Most of the reason for this is political - as those who falsely claimed a connection between violence in competitive video games and violence IRL used Mortal Kombat as an early exemplar of the worst in video games.  Additionally, they claim it only appealed to the most prurient interests. Those interested can read about it here.
  • Fighter Suggestion form - to be updated by first week Sep, 2020


Fortnite is NOW played as a true Royale.  Players load as solos in agreed to, or preset games.  RCHS exclusive solos tournaments for team members are held twice per year for seeding purposes.