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This page will be updated frequently with the latest information we have about COVID protocols, testing, and vaccination opportunities.
To visit the WUSD COVID-19 page, click here.


Regular COVID testing will be availble for students and staff. Below are the testing registration instructions for students.
To register, use your phone's camera to view this QR code or visit :
Video Tutorial for creating a PARENT account
Video Tutorial for Creating  STAFF Account
Video Tutorial for Creating Account: Spanish
Video Tutorial for adding a Dependent
Video Tutorial for creating an Order
Video Tutorial for finding an order
School preventative measures

School preventative measures

  1. Students and staff who are experiencing any unexplained COVD-like symptoms should stay at home and notify the school of their absence. Persons should be fever and symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  2. All students and school staff are required to wear a mask covering the nose, mouth, and chin while inside school buildings (including hallways).
  3. All persons are strongly encouraged to wear masks outside (passing period, lunch time, etc).
  4. Any student or staff member who experiences COVID-like symptoms during the school day should contact the office to be evaluated and/or isolated.