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ASB Banking

ASB Procedures and Protocols
In addition to the ASB Constitution by-laws and regular ASB procedures, the following procedures and protocols must be followed: 
Fundraisers and Required Supervision:
All requested fundraisers must continue to follow the current procedures.  An Event/ Fundraiser Application Packet must be filled out and submitted to the ASB office to be passed by the Student Council. Whenever groups of students are congregating in the same place, adult supervision is required. For example, merchandise sales do not require any adult supervision other than the signature of the advisor/coach on the request for fundraiser form.  However, any event such as a dance, Open Mic, etc. requires admin approval and adult supervision. 
Reimbursements, Request for Account Funds, and Deposits through ASB:
Reimbursements - Any student group, club, or team with an ASB account must turn in original receipts for reimbursement and the request for reimbursement form with an advisors and student representatives signature to the ASB office within 1 week of the event.  This will help us to keep more accurate records of accounts and monitor cash flow.
Requests for Funds/ Purchase Orders
  • All approving signatures – Class Advisor, Student Council Representative (at the ASB meeting)  and Assistant Principal must be obtained before issuing a reimbursement.
  • All forms must be filled out completely, and be detailed.
  • If the requisition is for entry fees, a copy of the entry form must be completed and attached.
  • If the check is to be mailed with an order form, you must attach a copy of the order form along with the original form to be mailed with the check.
  • Purchase Orders – Payment will not be made until the packing slip and invoice are received. Packing slips must be signed and dated after items are received and verified by the advisor for accuracy and turned in to the ASB Accountant.
    Depositing funds for Club Events or from Fundraisers
  • All deposits from Fundraisers must include a completed Deposit Form.   
  • Individuals/advisors/coaches should not hold on to cash or checks.  
  • All checks must be payable to River City High School. 
  • To ensure that your club account is credited for the money that was earned, please turn in all money to the bookkeeping office or an Administrator by  the required deadline to be stored in a secure location.
Request for Cash Box with or without change
A Request for Cash Box form must be submitted two days prior to your event.    The maximum amount of cash that you can request is $40.00.  This helps to ensure that all groups needs can be met.  Please make sure that the student in charge of the cash box does not leave the box unattended.   Also, all monies must be deposited in the bookkeeping office after sale is over.  
Time lines
  • Cash Box Request: 2 days prior to event, minimum
  • Reimbursement requests: 2-week minimum
  • Request for Funds from Account: 2-week minimum
  • Purchase Orders: 1-week minimum
Facilities Request