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Virtual Academy

Talk to your counselor for more information about RCHS Independent Study!
Meet the RCVA teachers: Mrs. Puliz and Mrs. Tapia

Meet the RCVA teachers: Mrs. Puliz and Mrs. Tapia

  • Independent Study is a voluntary program
  • Independent Study is an optional educational path students may choose
  • Independent Study is substantially equivalent in quality and quantity to our regular campus and will require 5-6 hours per course per week
  • Independent Study graduation requirements are identical to those on River City campus
  • No distinction is made on the students’ transcripts
  • Independent Study is not alternative curriculum and is A-G approved online curriculum
  • Independent Study students have all the rights and privileges as students on campus
  • Independent Study students may participate in sports, clubs, and all school activities and events including RCHS graduation
  • Students can be concurrently enrolled in Independent Study courses and campus courses
  • Supervisory appointment is one day per week
  • Independent Study students will attend more frequently in order to take tests in their coursework. Tests, midterms, and finals are proctored in our room
  • If you are enrolled on campus, and are interested in enrolling in Independent Study, see your counselor
  • For more information contact your counselor or Mr. Noe Guerra at (916) 375-7800 extension 2075