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Summer School

Summer program descriptions

Summer program descriptions

Virtual Credit Recovery

Students will take classes in Edgenuity with a teacher supporting and moniroting their progress virtually. Students must log-in daily to a GoogleMeet for attendance, non-attendance will result in a drop from the program.
Students can earn 5-15 credits over the course of the 4 weeks. Spots in this program are for Summer Grads and Rising Seniors. If there are addtional spaces, other grade levels may be able to secure a spot.
Students who finish classes early can drop after their classes are done to open up spaces for other students.

In Person Credit Recovery

Students will take one class (10 credits) and remain in the same class the entire Summer School Day. Grab and Go Lunch will be provided at the end of the day. Classes offered will depend on student need and staffing.
Students who only need half of a class may enroll in half of this summer program.
Part A of each class will run from June 5th - June 16th. Part B of each class will run from June 20th - June 30th (June 19th is a holiday).

Summer Enrichment

The availibilty of Summer Enrichment will depend on staffing and enrollment. We hope to be able to provide Elective classes for student enrichment. More details will be forthcoming.

Summer Bridge

This program is for incoming Freshmen only. Students must be registered to attend River City High School for their Freshmen year in order to be eligable. Students will get Math and English instruction, as well as Transition to High School programming.

There are two sessions and students will be enrolled in only one session (no repeats availble).
Session 1: June 5th - June 16th
Session 2: June 20th - June 30th (June 19th is a holiday)
Summer program registration link

Summer program registration link

If you cannot scan the QR code, please use THIS LINK to access the Summer Program Registration Form.