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Gymnastics and Tumbling

Tumbling and Gymnastics

Tumbling and Gymnastics


Forward Roll  or Shoulder Roll
· From a squat position with knees together place hands on mat 18 inches from toes.
· Push down backwards with feet to extend legs and lift hips upward
· Bend arms and lower upper shoulder area to mat (head tucks at the last possible second before shoulders contact).
· Keep legs extended, continue rolling, and as soon as hips hit, tuck legs and come to a squat position reaching forward.
gymnastic forward roll
Backward Roll
· Assume deep squat position with knees together (hands in front of body)
· Tuck head (chin to chest), push body backward off fingertips, and immediately transfer hands, palms up, to side of neck at shoulders. As hips contact mat, push downward on mat with feet and extended legs.
·  Maintain straight legs until hands have contacted mat (palms down, fingertips toward hips).
· Place toes on mat overhead and tuck legs.
· As hips go overhead, keep elbows close to head and neck area, extend arms and come to a squat position.
backward roll
Tripod and Headstand
· Triangle Bass
· Wide Base; hands with fingers spread
· Top of head
· Elbows on knees (place one at a time
· Hold steady (5 sec.)
· For hand stand, extend legs upward and lock straight up.
· From a squat with knees apart place hands on mate between legs
· Fingers spread apart
· Press knees against elbows, which are slightly bent
· Shift weight to hands and hold for 3 seconds
· Keep head up
· Return  to squat
Cartwheel and Round off
· Face forward, with arms overhead, living left leg
· Step on left foot then place left hand on the mat with finger pointing to the left side of the body (same direction as left foot)
· Turn body 90 degrees and place right hand on the mat.
· Swing right leg up followed by the left leg.
· Right leg lands followed by the left as arms and body lift off the mat.
· Body ends facing the same direction it started.
Round off
· Add a twist to the landing and finish facing the opposite direction you started with feet together.

Balance Beam