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Grapevine Right
1- Step Right foot to the Right 
2- Step Left behind Right 
3- Step Right foot to the Right 
4- Stomp Left foot next to the Right 
Grapevine Left
5- Step Left foot to the Left 
6- Step Right foot behind Left 
7- Step Left foot to Left
8- Stomp Right foot next to Left 
Back, 2, 3
9- Step back on Right foot
10- Step back of Left foot
11- Step back on Right  foot
Rock, Rock, Rock
12- Lean back on Right foot
13- Lean forward on Left foot
14- Lean back on Right foot
Turn and Brush Kick
15- Turn Left foot 1/4 turn (90 degrees) to the Left , while stepping forward
16- Brush Kick with Right Foot

Honky Tonk Stomp

1- Fan Right toes right
2- Fan Right toes center
3- Fan Right toes right
4- Fan Right toes center
5-6 Touch Right heel forward twice
7-8 Touch Right toe back Twice
9- Touch Right heel forward
10- Step Right next to Left
11-12 Stomp Left twice
13- Touch Left heel forward
14- Step Left next to Right 
15-16 Stomp Right twice
17- Step Right 
18- Left behind Right 
19- Step Right 
20- Stomp Left 
21- Step Left 
22- Right behind Left 
23-24 Step Left while 1/2 turn with brush kick
25- Step Right 
26- Left behind Right 
27- Step Right 
28- Stomp Left 
29- Step Left  
30- Right behind Left 
31- Step Left  
32- Stomp Right 


4- Steps Forward:
  • Right, Left, Right
  • Brush Kick with Left
8- Steps Back:
  • Left, Right, Left
  • Right Ball/Left Step
12-Step Right,
  • left behind right
  • step right
  • stomp left
16-Step Left
  • right behind left
  • step left
  • stomp right
20-Step right diagonal forward
  • step left next to right
  • step left diagonal back
  • step right next to left
24-Step Right to Right
  • Step left next to right
  • step left to left
  • step right next to right
28-Swivel heels
  • right, left, right, center
32-Tap right heel twice
  • Tap right toe twice
36-Tap right heel forward
  • touch right toe center
  • touch right toe to right
  • turn 1/4 turn to left while bringing up right knee

10 Step

  1. Touch Left heel to front
  2. Step Left foot next to right
  3. Touch Right toe back
  4. Touch Right heel to front
  5. Hook Right foot across Left knee
  6. touch Right knee to front
  7. step Right foot next to Left 
  8. touch Left heel to front
  9. hook Left foot across Right knee
  10. Shuffle step Left foot forward, slide Right foot
  11. step Right foot forward, slide Left foot
  12. step Left foot forward, slide Right foot
  13. step Right foot forward, slide Left foot
Begin Again

Power Jam

  1. touch right to side
  2. touch right next to left
  3. slide right to side (transfer weight to right)
  4. touch left next to right
  5. touch left to side
  6. touch left next to right
  7. slide left to side (transfer weight to left)
  8. touch right to left
  9. tap right heel forward
  10. tap right heel forward
  11. tap right toe back 
  12. tap right toe back
  13. tap right heel forward 
  14. tap right toe back
  15. step forward on right
  16. 1/4 turn to right and touch left toe to left side
  17. cross-step left over right
  18. tight toe touch to right side
  19. cross-step right over left
  20. left toe touch to left side
  21. step back left
  22. step back right next to left (weight on both feet)
  23. -24. take 2 jumps forward
start again

Scoring Rubric

10 Points
  • On beat
  • Use creativity (claps, etc...)
  • Correct majority of the time
9 Points
  • On the beat 
  • Correct majority of the time
8 Points
  • Correct majority of the time
7 Points
  • Knows steps most of the time
  • Can self correct and restart
6 Points
  • Attempts dance, but mistakes interfere with flow of dance