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Course 3- Baseball/Softball

what you do when nobody is watching, is what seperates a champion from everybody else

Class Participation

  • Students are expected to attend class daily, dress in appropriate P.E. clothing, be on time, and remain respectful before, during and after class.
  • If a student does not have appropriate P.E. clothing and shoes he or she will lose daily points.
  • Students are expected to participate to their full ability in all class activities. When excuse for a medical reason, a written note must be submitted to the teacher PRIOR to the beginning of class.
  • Please Note: While on a medical excuse, students are still expected to dress in P.E. clothes. A written excuse from a parent will be accepted for a MAXIMUM of THREE DAYS. Any illness/injury lasting longer than 3 days must be accompanied by a written excuse from a medical doctor. The student will be asked to participate in modified activities if possible and/or other assignments.
  • A student will receive no daily points for an absence. Students may do make up work for their absence and receive their points back as long as they turn in work within one week.


  • Students are expected to treat all school personnel, other students and school equipment with dignity and respect. Students will follow the sportsmanship guidelines set forth in class
  • Students must be in the locker room prior to the tardy bell, dressed, and to class in five minutes sitting in a roll call or a Tardy will be assessed.
  • Students cost for P.E. clothing is: Shirts-$6 & Shorts-$12. Students may not write on or cut their PE clothing in any way. If this happens, the student must purchase new clothing.
  • During cold weather, students are allowed to wear navy, gray, or black sweats over their P.E. uniform.


  • Students will be required to purchase a lock and are responsible for the contents of their assigned locker.
  • Students will be assigned their own locker and are expected to securely lock personal belongings only in their locker. The Physical Education Department WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. Lockers must be locked at all times.

Grading Policy Weighted Grading Scale

Required Task

Percent of Grade

Unit Participation


Knowledge Assessment


Skill/Fitness Assessment


Written Assignments










Participation: Each student will be evaluated daily on his/her warm up/fitness, cardiovascular fitness, and their active participation in fitness, skill activities, drills, and class activities. This will include individual and group activities.

Knowledge Assessment: Written tests covering the content of class activities such as rules, history, vocabulary, technique, strategies, and general information will be administered during and/or at the end of each unit and semester.

Skill/Fitness Assessment: Students will be evaluated on specific skills taught during the unit. Evaluation will be based on teacher, peer, and self-assessment in reference to pre-defined skill rubrics.

Written Assignments:Students will complete written assignments related to the unit. These assignments will emphasis rules, skills, and procedures.