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Course 1-Individual Activities


Required Task

Percent of Grade

Unit Participation


Knowledge Assessment


Skill/Fitness Assessment


Written Work 10%







Participation: Each student will be evaluated daily on his/her warm up/fitness, cardiovascular fitness, and their active participation in fitness, skill activities, drills, and class activities. This will include individual and group activities.

Knowledge Assessment: Written tests covering the content of class activities such as rules, history, vocabulary, technique, strategies, and general information will be administered during and/or at the end of each unit and semester.

Fitness Testing: Students will be evaluated in the areas of muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Failure to pass fitness testing in the spring will result in students enrolling in an additional year of a physical education class of their choice.

Skill Testing:  Students will be evaluated on specific skills taught during the unit. Evaluation will be based on teacher, peer, and self-assessment in reference to pre-defined skill rubrics.

Written Work: Students will complete written assignments related to the unit. These assignments will emphasis rules, skills, and procedures. Students will also complete assignments that assess and improve their nutrition and fitness. 


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