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Taking College Classes

Please note: Grades earned in Advanced Education courses will not receive a grade bump on student's permanent high school transcript. The course credit and grade the student receives will become part of his or her permanent college record and must be reported as such on college applications. Students will need to request official transcripts from the Los Rios Community College District to be sent to any and all institutions to receive credit. Failure to do so may result in delayed admission.
Who can enroll in Advanced Education classes?
  • You must demonstrate exemplary academic achievement, GPA of 2.7, analysis of transcripts, assessment results, other student achievements.
  • You must have completed the tenth grade or be 16 years of age by the first day of instruction.
  • You must be mature enough to understand the course material and to benefit from the presentation style.
  • You must be mature enough to avoid jeopardizing your safety or the safety of others.
  • You may fill out a petition if you do not meet one of the above criteria.

How to Enroll

Step 1    Application         

Students must apply for admission at  Indicate you are an Advanced Education student on the Application.  You will receive a 'welcome' email that will include your personalized Los Rios ID# Number.

Step 2     Complete Orientation

Complete the Los Rios online orientation. You may begin the online orientation the day after you receive your Los Rios Student ID number. Print out the completion page at the end of the orientation or Print the Certificate of Completion that is sent to your Los Rios Gmail account within 24 hours. (New students only).

Step 3      Assessment (If prerequisite required)

Students can take assessments in Math and English. Call 530-747-5200 to make an appointment. Online Study Guides:

Step 4     Create Advanced Education Packet

Print and Read the entire Advanced Education Application. Complete sections I-III and signatures. The application must have requested courses filled in and approved by your high school counselor, principal, or authorized designee.

Include Typed Statement*, High School Transcript, Assessment Results (if required), Letter of Authorized Designee (if required). 

*Students type up one to two paragraphs explaining how they meet the criteria and why they want to participate in Advanced Education.

Step 5  Submit Adv. Ed Packet

Submit your complete Advanced Education packet. You can submit the packet in person or via email to

Step 6  Check Los Rios Student Email

After submitting you will receive a confirmation email: Approval, Missing Document, or Denial (with further instructions). 

Step 7  Pick up Session with a Counselor. Once you receive an approval confirmation email, you will be invited to register for a pick up session. At this session an SCC counselor will provide information regarding your next steps.


SCC West Sacramento Center is part of Sacramento City College. The Center offers various classes and student services on-site. Services offered include:
Academic Counseling
Assessment Testing
Enrollment Assistance
Financial Aid
Other Student Support Assistance

About Us

Currently, the Center is a 3-story building that includes 11 classrooms and 1 computer lab. Services offered include academic and financial aid counseling, enrollment assistance, assessment testing, tutoring services, and other student support services. The Center currently serves more than 2500 students.

West Sacramento Center

1115 West Capitol Avenue

West Sacramento, CA 95691


Phone: 916-375-5511

Fax: 916-375-5520

West Sacramento Center Office Hours

August 24-December 17
Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed