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Felicia Greenwood Weatherly was born in Sacramento and attended Rio Linda High School, American River College and California State University, Sacramento. Ms. Weatherly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Clarinet Performance with an emphasis in Adolescent Psychology. Felicia has performed with numerous musical groups in her career, spanning many genres of music including punk, traditional jazz, big band, swing, experimental and New Orleans. She has played with a long list of outstanding local and national musicians, as well as studying with Deborah Pittman, Dr Les Lehr, and Dr Robert Halseth. Felcia is in the SAMMIES Hall of Fame in jazz for her work performing with Dutch Falconi and his Twisted Orchestra.
Ms. Weatherly started teaching at River City High School in 1997, when her position description was two choirs and a 14 piece band. Teaching typing (on actual typewriters!) and psychology while she worked to build the program, she is in awe of the thriving program that now employs three music teachers.
Ms. Weatherly is married to a happy non-musician and has three boys. In her free time she enjoys adventures with her family and riding her two horses.