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Staying active at Home

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Getting Started

AMAP=As Many As Possible

Cardio 1

3 x 20 Secs.

Full Body 1

10, 20, 30, Workout
(3 x Each)

Stretching/Yoga 1

High Intensigy

10 Min. EMOM- Every Minute on the Minute

Leg Day

3 x 1 Minute Each w/ 1 Minute rest between sets

Core Day

5 x 30 secs. Each w/ 30 Sec. rest between sets

Agility Ladders

DIY-Agility Ladders can be drawn with sidewalk Chalk, taped on the floor, or made with duct tape. (approximately 15 feet long with 20 in. boxes)
Straight Through
Butt Kicks
One Foot Hop
Hop Scotch (out/in)
Lateral Through
Whole Body

Cardio 2

6 x 30 Secs each

Stretching/Yoga 2

Full Body 2

The 100’s AFAP- “As Fast As Possible”
(100 Reps for each Exercise- w/ as many breaks as needed to complete)

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Dumbbell (hand weights)

Resistance Training