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2020 Virtual Showcase

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Raiders on the rise
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Virtual learning has been a challenge, but Raiders have risen to meet that challenge and have produced some phenomenal work. Our staff have created new content, reorganized their homes into classroom spaces, and have met the challenges of this new enviornment with a renewed commitment to their students and their subject matter.
Students have risen to the challenge as well. They have helped each other, learned how to be technical mavens, and produced impressive artwork, essays, and projects that show how resilient and innovative they truly are.
This space will be updated this October and Novemeber to showcase the work of all of our Raiders. Check back often to see new pics, stories, and videos of our Raiders! #RCHSShowcase

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2D art - Google Drawing
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Students in 2D art worked on self portraits using Google Draw, check out more great self-portraits here.
Credit for above:

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Dance Class
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Ms Adams's dance students are still rocking it in the virtual world. Click here to read about how they're adjusting to life in Zoom

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More from the English dept
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Ms Goldman's AP Students did a revision workshop and her English 11 student's did Parallel poems (based on Harlem by Langston Hughes)

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Artwork Slideshow
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For more amazing artwork, take a look at the at this slideshow.
Image credit for pics above:
Personal Logo (sunflower and ocean) by Isabelle S
Folk Art Inspired Painting (heart with flower) by Isabel A
Folk Art Inspired Painting (boy riding eagle) by Autumn S
Personal Logo (doberman with hibiscus flower) by Sebastian P

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Virtual PE!
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Take a look at what PE teacher Ms Erickson has been up to in class and then check out these student videos of their dances.
Dance by Esteban D:
Dance by Tiya G:
Dance by Jason K:

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10th_grade_AVID! Card Icon10th grade AVID!Top of Page

Color_Guard Card IconColor GuardTop of Page

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AVID_Roadmaps_to_College Card IconAVID Roadmaps to CollegeTop of Page

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AVID excellence
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See more college roadmaps here!
Image credits for above: Grace, Elsa, Damaris, & Alena. 

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More from Game Design & AP CSP
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Ms Warrior's students have been creating some impressive games and programs in their Computer Game Design and AP Computer Science Principles classes! To see more work, take a look at:
**NEW** AP Computer Science is coding in PYTHON!
Credit for pics above:
Derek S (AP CSP)
Lilly A (Game Design)
Donovan G (Game Design)
Yuriy K (AP CSP)