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Ronica Carlisle

Week 6 Economics Homework Packet: September 18 – 22, Assignments Due Friday, Sept. 22, 2017

#1:  Read “Other Forms of Organization” p. 159 – 164, Do all Section Review p. 164

#2:  Read “Business Ethics in a Global Economy” p. 165, Write one half page summary & answer questions 1 & 2 p. 165

#3:  Read “U.S. Labor Force” p. 169 – 176, Do all Section Review p. 176

#4: Read “Unions & Management” p. 184 – 190, Do all Section Review p. 190.

#5: Read “Unemployment” p. 251 – 256, Do all Section Review p. 256.

#6: Read “Poverty & Income Distribution, . 264 – 268, Do All Section Review p. 268

Staple in Order!


Career Research Assignment


September 19, 2017

Ms. Carlisle


Your assignment requires you to research a career path.  Write three pages about the career.  The assignment must be typed, double-spaced, and stapled together. Staple your paper at home.  Quality counts.  Go to the library and/or career center to research this assignment.  You should use at least 3 sources of information for your paper. Be sure to list the sources at the back of the research paper.  Make sure you write your research paper in your own words.


The career report should be well written and include the following information, labeled and in order, as follows:


  1. Description of the job responsibility
  2. Education/training required
  3. Outlook/market trends/demand for  job in the next decade
  4. Starting salary and salary once you are established
  5. Description of why you are interested in the job/career
  6. Description of your personal qualities that would match this career
  7. Work environment for the job
  8. Fringe benefits for the job


This research paper is worth 100 points.  With effort, this assignment can be completed in a day, however, it is due on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at the start of class. You are encouraged to hand it in early.


If you have any difficulties including illness, medical appointments, family problems, language difficulties, learning challenges, computer problems, printer problems, school activities or any other issues not mentioned, there is a grace period.  There is no need to secure permission from me or to explain your troubles to me.  Just know that the grace period ends at 9am sharp on Friday, October 6, 2017. No additional time will be given for any reason, even if you are absent on October 6, 2017.This is a firm deadline.  Plan accordingly. The official due date is Tuesday, October 3, 2017. The grace period is intended to accommodate students with difficulties, not for procrastination.


Give me the copy of your assignment. Keep a copy for yourself.  Do not give this to other staff members.  Do not place this assignment in my mailbox.  Do not send this to me by e-mail.  Again, give me the copy of the assignment on or before the due date, during the grace period, or when the grace period ends. 

Week 5 Economics Homework Packet: Sept.11-15, Assignments due Friday, Sept. 15, 2017

#1: Read “Managing Prices” p. 108 – 112, Do all Section Review p. 112.

#2: Read “Highly Competitive Markets” p. 117- 122, Do all Section Review p. 122.

#3: Read “Imperfect Competitive Markets” p. 123 – 129, No Section Review, Instead write one half page of notes about oligopolies, and one half page of notes about monopolies.

#4: Read “Sole Proprietorships” p. 145 – 149, Do all Section Review p. 149

#5: Read “Partnerships” p. 150 – 152, Do all Section Review p. 152

#6: Read “Corporations” p. 153-158, Do all Section Review p. 158.

 Label your work & staple this packet in order.

Week 4: Tuesday, Sept. 5- Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, Assignments Due Friday, Sept. 8, 2017

#1: Read “Nature of Supply” p. 73 -78, Do Section Review p. 78 (skip question 4)

#2: Read “Changes in Supply” P. 79-85, Do all Section Review p. 85

#3: Read “Making Production Decisions” p. 86 -92, Do all Section Review p. 92

#4: Read “The Price System” p. 97 -102, Do all Section Review p. 102

#5: Read “Determining Prices” p. 103-107, Do all Section Review p. 107.

Staple assignments in order! 

Week 3 Economics Homework Packet: August 28- Sept. 1, Assignments due Friday, Sept.1, 2017

#1: Read “U.S. Economy at Work” p. 36 – 40, Do all Section Review p. 40.

#2: Read “Government Regulation of Private Property” p. 41, Write one half page summary & answer questions 1& 2 on page 41.

#3: Read “Nature of Demand” p. 51 – 55, Do all Section Review. P. 55.

#4: Read “Changes in Demand” p. 56 – 62, Do all Section Review p. 62.

#5: Read “Elasticity of Demand” p. 63-68, Do all Section Review p. 68.

#6: Read “Consumer Demand & Food Distribution” p. 69, Write one half page summary about the reading and answer questions 1 & 2 page 69.

 Staple in order! 

Week 1 & 2 Economics Homework Packet: August 17-25, Assignments due Friday, August 25, 2017

#1: Read “An Economic Way of Thinking” p. 3 – 7, Do all Section Review p. 7.  This is a long assignment so it is worth double points ( 20 points)

#2: Read “Scarcity & Choice” p. 8 – 10, Do all Section Review p. 10.

#3: Read “Opportunity Costs” p. 11 – 14, Do all Section Review p. 14.

#4: Read “Types of Economic Systems” p. 23 – 28, Do All Section Review p. 28.

#5: Read “Features of U.S. Economy” p. 29 – 35, Do all Section Review p. 35.


Staple in order.  Label work.

Carlisle, Ronica
Social Science Teacher