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Mr. Shriver's Locker

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Mr. Shriver



Your notebook is due Fri. May 11.  It counts as 10% of your grade.

01.  Video Notes - "Killer Stress"  (Mon. Mar. 19)

03.  Class notes - Mindfulness (Mon. Apr. 2)

05.  Class notes - Psychological Disorders & Treatment (Tues.
       Apr.3 & Wed. Apr. 4 - See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

06.  Class notes - Criminology:  Where the world's of
       Psychology & Criminal Justice collide
(Tues. Apr.10 -
       Fri. Apr. 13 - See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

07.  Video Notes - A Crime of Insanity (Th. Apr. 12)

08.  Video Notes - In Treatment (Alex; Gina)

09.  Inception entry - Does Cobb survive in an unaltered state?
       Explain. (Tues. May. 8 - Th. May 10)


Your notebook is due Friday, May 11.  It is 10% of your grade.

01. Class notes - Introduction To Economics (Mon. Mar. 19; see

      Mr. Shriver's Locker)
02. Class notes - Factors of Production (Wed. Mar. 21; see Mr.

      Shriver's Locker)

03. Class notes - Opportunity Cost (Wed. Mar. 21; see Mr.  

      Shriver's Locker)

04. Class notes - Adam Smith & the Origins of the Market

      Economy (Wed. Mar. 21; see Mr. Shriver's Locker)

05. DVD Notes - Mind Over Money (Th. Mar. 22)

06. Class notes - Comparing Economic Systems (Mon. Apr. 2)
08. Class notes - Law of Demand & Determinants of Demand (Tues. Apr. 3 & Wed. Apr. 4;  See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

09: Class notes - Law of Supply & Determinants of Supply (Mon.
      Apr. 9 - See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

12. Class notes - Equilibrium & Shifts in Equilibrium (Tues. Apr.
      17; See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

13. Class notes - Elasticity & Inelasticity (Th. Apr. 19; See Mr.
      Shriver's Locker)

15. Class notes - Market Structures & Business Organizations
      (Wed. Apr. 25; See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

19A & B. Class notes - The Business Cycle and other Economic
      Indicators - includes GDP 
 (Th. May 3; See Mr. Shriver's      

20. Class notes - Consumer Price Index (Tues. May 8.; See Mr
      Shriver's Locker)
21. Economic Indicators Review Questions (Tues. May 8; See
      Mr. Shriver's Locker)

22. DVD notes - Unintended Consequences & the Great
(3 questions) - Wed. May 9
23. Class notes - Free Trade, Protectionism, Labor, and
(Wed. May 9; See Mr. Shriver's Locker)

24. DVD notes - The New Rules of the Game: The Battle for the
      World Economy
(Thurs. May 10 & Fri. May 11)



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Mike Shriver
(916) 375-7800

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