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Teaching Staff Directory
Abplanalp, Nancy Education Specialist
Adams, Constance PE/Dance Teacher
Arico, Julienne (916) 375-7800 ex.2705 Teacher
Baldwin, Ms. English Teacher
Bittner, Mark (916) 375-7800 ex.2603 Special Ed Teacher
Brill, Clint PE Teacher
Brooks, Dave Special Ed Teacher
Brown, Don PE Teacher
Buss, Ms. Science Teacher
Caldera, Dominic, CMSgt (916) 375-7800 ex.2658 Air Force JROTC Instructor
Carlisle, Ronica (916) 375-7800 Social Science Teacher
Ceo, Kim (916) 375-7800 ex.2609 Teacher
Colligan, James Teacher
Colson, Phyllis (916) 375-7800 ex.2704 Teacher
Contreras, Tony Teacher
Cortez, Mr. Jose (916) 375-7800 ex.2807 Spanish Teacher
Dahms, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2652 Teacher
DeLaCruz, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2707 Science Teacher
Demartino, Mary (916) 375-7604 ex.1361 Special Ed Program Specialist
Dornan, Kristie (916) 375-7800 Athletic Director; Chemistry Teacher
Duff, Brandon English/Drama Teacher
Fagout, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2752 Robotics/Engineering Teacher
Falter, Mademoiselle French Teacher
Ferris, Mr. English Teacher
Fogle, John (916) 375-7800 ex.2859 Social Science Teacher
Forman, Catherine English Teacher
Frantz, Alan (916) 375-7800 ex.2654 Math Teacher/Dept. Chair
Geistert, Cindy (916) 375-7800 ex.2755 Teacher
Geivett, Jacob (916) 375-7800 ex.2853 Education Specialist Teacher/ Department Chair
Ghio, Char (916) 375-7800 ex.2901 PE Teacher
Goldman, Amy (916) 375-7800 ex.2353 English Teacher
Hatfield, Brett Teacher
Hernandez, Ms. (916) 375-7800 ex.2804 Spanish Teacher
Hoermann, Aland (916) 375-7800 ex.2860 Social Science/Journalism Teacher
Home Page, Heinberger (916) 375-7800 ex.2760 Teacher
Ionescu, Mr (916) 375-7800 ex.2802 Spanish Teacher
Jones, Mr. Art Teacher
Jones, Stephanie (916) 375-7800 ex.2658 Special Education Teacher
King, Jamie (916) 375-7800 ex.2801 Leadership/Earth Science
Leffler, M. (916) 375-7800 ex.2855 Social Science Teacher
Leifson, Jennifer (916) 375-7800 ex.2301 English/ELL Teacher
Lien, Anthony Teacher
Liston, Brendan Teacher
Lloyd-Jones, Megan Teacher
Lowery, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2659 Math Teacher
Malec, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2856 Social ScienceTeacher
Mankewich, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2904 PE Teacher
Maples, Kathryn (916) 375-7800 ex.2309 English Teacher
Marvelli, Anthony Music Teacher
McAllister, Jennifer (916) 375-7800 ex.2757 Science Teacher
McKinnell, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2704 Science Teacher
McMahen, Ms. English Teacher
Mejia-Hays, Ms. (916) 375-7800 ex.2308 English Teacher
Melin, Kevin Teacher
Mizner, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2651 Science Teacher
O'Connor, Gerald (916) 375-7800 ex.2851 Teacher
O'Donnell, Tim English Teacher
Puliz, Mrs. Math Teacher
Rakich, Annie (916) 375-7800 ex.2605 Math Teacher
Ramirez, Gustavo Teacher
Ramírez, Mr. (916) 375-7800 ex.2808 Teacher
Restivo, Garry (916) 375-7800 ex.2858 Social Science Teacher
Reyes, Ms. Math Teacher
Saephan, Tom (916) 375-7800 ex.2610 Math Teacher
Salcido, Profe (916) 375-7800 ex.2806 Spanish Teacher
Sanchez-Bazan, Ms. Spanish Teacher
Sarles, Cory Special Ed Teacher
Schroeder, Marlaina Science Teacher
Schumacher, Mr. Art Teacher
Schumacher, Mrs. Art Teacher
Shiroi, Alexander (916) 375-7800 ex.2304 Teacher
Shriver, Mr. (916) 375-7800 Social Science
Smith, Susan (916) 375-7800 ex.2351 English Teacher
Stauffer, Don Science Teacher
Stewart, Laurie English Teacher
Stolpe, Jason Teacher
Stommel, Phillip (916) 375-7800 ex.2355 Teacher
Tait, Andrew English Teacher
Tan, Ms. Math Teacher/Mathletes Coach
Tapia, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2606 Math Teacher
Tutt, Sarah (916) 375-7800 ex.2355 English/AVID Teacher
Velazquez, Carlos (916) 375-7800 ex.2757 Teacher
Verbitskiy, Diana Russian Teacher
Wang, Qing Teacher
Ward, Lindsey (916) 375-7800 ex.2303 English Teacher
Warner, Russell (916) 375-7800 ex.2658 Teacher
Warrior, Mrs. (916) 375-7800 ex.2655 Math Teacher
Watkins, Mr. (916) 375-7800 Social ScienceTeacher
Weatherly, Felicia Teacher
West, Mr. Math Teacher
Wiley, Clare Teacher
Wilkins, Matthew Teacher
Woods, Shannon (916) 375-7800 ex.2852 Social Science/ Driver Education
Yu, Miss Mindy (916) 375-7800 ex.2306 ESL/English/AVID Teacher
Yusufi, Sedikeh (916) 375-7800 ex.2754 Electronics Teacher
Zalutka, Nadine Teacher

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