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Mr. Schumacher Locker

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Contact information:

Phone:  916-375-7800


Definitions---Elements of Design

Mr. Schumacher

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A Simple Way To Evaluate Your Own Work

A simple way to evaluate your own work:

A = Yes! And… Yes! You did a good job AND you went above and beyond the basic assignment in someway.

B = Yes. Yes. The assignment is well done.

C = Yes, but… Yes, you completed the project, but there are areas that could be better.

D = No, but… No, the project isn’t satisfactory, but there is enough effort and understanding to deserve some credit.

F = No. And… No, the work is not satisfactory and there is not enough effort there to show that you understand the concepts or skills covered in the assignment.

Note to students and parents:

One of the most difficult paths for young people to navigate is the one between creative energy and personal responsibility. In an art class, you are encouraged to express yourself based on your personal experiences and emotions. This process can be both rewarding and painful. That being said, anything and everything you produce in class MUST be appropriate for the classroom environment. What does that mean exactly? It means that we are directing you to refrain from using any gang related material or ideas. Do not include known gang symbols or colors, especially in combination. Technically, this gives us “reasonable suspicion” to search your belonging for further gang related material. Should we find any, we will turn that material over to the West Sacramento Gang Task Force for further action. Likewise, symbols that reflect illegal activity are inappropriate for the classroom. References to drugs, alcohol, weapons, extreme violence, etc. should be avoided as well. These ideas do not support a successful learning environment. So, what do you do if you have a wonderfully creative idea that you aren’t sure about? Ask your teacher! He or she will tell you whether your idea breaks the guidelines for what is appropriate. If it is not appropriate, there is usually other ways you can express yourself using appropriate symbols or metaphors. This way you can express your ideas in a way better suited to the classroom environment. We are confident that with some thought and good judgment you will navigate this path successfully.