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Live Streaming

The RC Raiders Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer accounts, may not be available using WUSD internet connections.  When possible, recent games and streams will be posted to this site.  Otherwise, a schedule of livestreams will be posted ASAP.  All feeds will be run through as managed by Mr. Smith.
Twitch access can be found here.  The address is the @ symbol and rcraiders.  There is currently no WUSD approved method for accepting electronic payments for the schools Twitch page (or for anything else).  No improvements have therefore been made to the rcraiders twitch page as to not bring in subscribers or contributions until this is fixed.  Any and all subscriptions and contributions would be accepted by Mr. Smith in lieu of an account setup for RCHS, BUT the page is not setup to accept anything.  Alternatively, you may view Mr. Smith's Twitch page once it goes live to get an idea of what it looks like.  Please don't make contributions to our school program on my page or I will have to pay taxes on it and undoubtedly I'll have to explain it to the district or board.
The RCRaiders Mixer account can be accessed here.  Same as above.
For YouTube access and connections to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, use the links at the top of the page.
Unlike any other sport, the action in esports takes place exclusively on screen. The players actions are not intended to be observed.  ALL the observable action in esports, from the perspective of the player, and the perspective of the viewer only occurs on screens.  This makes the broadcasting of competition, or sharing of video feeds exceptionally important - far more important than in any other sport - as an exhibition of competition, and to build shared experiences.
Due to broadcasting and play requirements imposed by certain leagues and/or sponsors, some dates will NOT be known more than 48 hours in advance.